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We have released this single in Memory of Sofie’s Granny Patricia Hewson who passed away this year on 1st May 2014. She was big inspiration and an amazing person who always said “Are we winning today?” - this song is about not giving up, following your dreams and having a special someone there along the way who believes in you.

She was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, so we will be donating proceeds from our single to The Alzheimer’s Society for all the wonderful work they do.

We hope you enjoy listening to this song, as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Love Letters to Daisy

to purchase this song please go to the link below:

Episode #17 is here!

Tracklisting is:

1. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
2. Can We Talk About This - Deux Furieuses
3. Hospital Beds - Skinny Dipper
4. Why Do You Hate Me? - Marmozets
5. I’m In Love - Zhala
6. Jane - Girlpool

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